30 tonnes of coal seized in unclaimed condition

Proceedings against illegal coal collectors seized Jumla precious Rs 60,000.

Kusmunda/The brief description of the case is as follows that in compliance with the instructions given by Mr. Superintendent of Police, Korba, Bhojram Patel regarding strict action against those doing diesel, coal, junk and illegal work in the area, Additional Superintendent of Police Abhishek Verma and Mr. On the guidance of City Superintendent of Police Darri Litesh Singh, have been ordered to take action against the thieves under a special drive to crack down on the thieves, who got information from the patrolling informer today on 04.05. A collected coal, kept in unclaimed condition On reaching the spot, it was found that the coal gathered in the ground in the above place was found, 30 tonnes of coal, valued at Rs 60,000, was found kept in unclaimed condition. . whomWhich is called section 102. ft. Under this, the police was seized after taking proper action and the confiscated coal has been kept for police station security. Legal action will be taken after finding the address of the owner of the above confiscated coal and the unknown accused. Police is continuously taking action against those doing illegal diesel, coal, junk, drugs, gambling, betting and other illegal activities by police station Kusmunda.

In the above action, the role of Inspector Leeladhar Rathore,A.s.i Chandrashekhar Vaishnav, constable Vishal Verma, Pushpendra Patel, Pushpendra Sahu, Ravi Gupta and Sanjay Tiwari has been played.

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