Accused of robbery from STLL company employee arrested within 24 hours

Seized cycle Honda sign CG = 12 BA 7597 and cash amount 1500 rupees

The brief description of the case is as follows that the applicant Satish Kumar Panagar, father Bharatlal age 30 years, resident of Vishramnagar Jhabar police station, Deepka District Korba (Chhattisgarh), filed a report by submitting a written application that on the night of 25/05/2022, 08/15 Baj Kashyap Grocery Shop Kirana

Had gone to get the same soap, was bringing the same, at the same time, by snatching the key of motorcycle number CG 12 BA 7597 in front of the shop, abusing the mother sister and threatening to kill me, beat me on the right leg. I got hurt by hitting with a stick

Due to which I fell down and ran away with the motor cycle and snatched two thousand rupees from the purse that the crime was registered on the report and taken into the investigation. In view of the seriousness of the matter, special instructions were given by “Mr. Superintendent of Police Sir Korba Shri Bhojram Patel (IPS)” for immediate arrest of the accused. Mr. Additional Superintendent of Police, Mr. Korba Abhishek Verma (R.P.S.) and

Under the guidance of Municipal Superintendent of Police, Darri Ms. Litesh Singh, Sub-Inspector Karmusai Paikra Humrah Staff Souni SD Bhoy, Pr. 293 Brijmohan Kashyap constable 772 Ashok Korram, 672 Hemant Kanwar police team was constituted. Taking quick action in the matter, accused Ganesh alias Sanjay Kumar Agaria. Father Late Chhatram Agaria age 22 years resident of Devgaon Salihapara Kasaipali Police Station, Deepka District Korba Village to Chhattisgarh Village to Police Station Deepka District Korba Chg.Devgaon Kasaipali laid siege to Sahilapara Caught by police team who is in custody was interrogated by the accused in his commission of offense in memorandum statement

The police have taken possession of the motorcycle Honda Sign CG 12 BA 7397 valued at about Rs. 50,000/- and cash amount of Rs. 1500/- from the possession of the accused. The accused was duly arrested and sent on judicial remand.

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